3 Benefits Provided By Divorce Mediation

One of the most useful services provided by a divorce attorney is mediation, mostly because mediation can provide a wide range of advantages and benefits over a normal divorce proceeding. Mediation is the process of having you and your ex-spouse negotiate the terms of the divorce in the presence of the attorneys for both sides.

The mediation process is quite thorough and will ensure that every aspect of the divorce is discussed, such as how every piece of property is split, who pays child or spousal support, how much money will be paid for support, and custody arrangements if there are children involved. Listed below are three benefits that divorce mediation can provide when compared to a standard divorce proceeding.

Less Stressful

A major problem with the divorce process is that it can be extremely stressful, especially if you partake in an adversarial divorce process. In that type of divorce process, you will likely have to go to multiple court appearances with your lawyer and argue your case for why you should be awarded the things that you are seeking. In addition, an adversarial divorce can often end up taking months or longer to resolve, which can really amplify the stress.

However, divorce mediation will seek to keep you and your future ex from arguing and help you come to an agreement that is amenable to everyone involved. Once the agreement is reached and signed, the attorney will submit it to a judge and wait for approval. In most cases, this process will take a fraction of the time to complete that a regular divorce proceeding would require.


One of the biggest benefits of divorce mediation is that it is typically going to be much cheaper for you than a traditional divorce. The reason for this lower cost to you is that it can completely eliminate any need for your lawyer to make any court visits or argue your case in front of a judge. Since your lawyer will not have to make court appearances, he or she will typically charge less for a divorce via mediation. 

Better For The Children

Finally, divorce mediation is a great option if you and your future ex have children. This is because mediation encourages communication and requires you and your future ex to remain cordial in order to complete the mediation process, which increases the chances that you and your spouse will remain on at least civil terms after the divorce. 

When you go through an adversarial divorce process, it can lead to a lot of resentment and anger due to the fighting in court and the drawn-out divorce process. This can then bleed over into your relationship after the divorce, which can cause your children to be feel stressed or depressed when they see their parents fighting or treating each other with disrespect every time you and your ex interact.

Contact a divorce attorney today in order to discuss the many benefits of opting for divorce mediation. This service can be less stressful, expensive, and difficult on your children than a typical divorce proceeding.