5 Ways Mediation Takes the Sting out of Divorce

For many couples, mediation is a beneficial thing because it allows a happy couple to find a way to work through a divorce without things getting nasty. It is possible to avoid a long divorce proceeding if both parties can resolve contested problems and avoid court proceedings. 

1. Confidential and Private

Mediation sessions don't have a public record. The only people included in the proceedings are the mediator, you, and any other individuals involved with the situation. With mediation, the couple knows someone is going to listen to the issues and help them come up with a possible solution without the couple needing an appointment in a public courtroom.

2. Less Confrontational

Entering a courtroom can add to the dramatic situation already present. Mediation provides an outlet for each spouse to vent about the issues of the other partner and feel heard. In many cases, the courtroom adds stress and makes it hard for the couple to be mindful of the future and the need to resolve the situation. The couple can feel at ease in a more tranquil setting, which could lead to a more civil conversation and agreement.

3. Individual Unique Agreements

Mediators are expected to meet individually with the clients to get an idea of their perfect outcomes. Mediators are then part of the meeting of both parties and help create a plan that works for both spouses. The mediator doesn't choose a side and remains neutral. This arrangement is a more personalized option than a judge making the decisions for the couple.

4. Simpler Division of Personal Assets

A mediator can take inventory of what belongings the couple is arguing over. Whether these things are valued by monetary or sentimental value, an unbiased opinion could shed new light on what is most important to which person.

5. Sensitivity for Co-Parenting

Co-parenting can open a new avenue for disagreement. Different plans can be offered to the couple that will benefit the couple and not disrupt the child's well-being in the process. Mediation can help settle issues such as how much time each party will spend with the children, discipline matters, and any other issues that may arise. In most cases, mediation is a better choice than a divorce court because mediation allows the couple to talk through what they want for their children and try to agree on something instead of letting a judge decide. To prevent a court trial, a mediator can create a custody agreement. This will save time and money since the cost is usually split between the divorcing couple.

The divorcing couple can be aided with the assistance of a mediator so both of them can voice their true feelings without further confrontation. The process will include all areas of the couple's lives to ensure both parties are treated fairly. 

For more information, contact a family law attorney, such as Karie L. Sanoba, Attorney at Law.