Feline Custody Concerns? When The Purr-Fect Divorce Gets Unexpectedly Sidelined

So you've done everything right. You and your soon-to-be former spouse have remained civil with one another, sought separate lawyers, and tried to divide your assets without feuding. Maybe you even settled for shared custody of the kids. That doesn't mean that no friction will arise at another point in the process. You may just assume that you will get custody of the cat if you are its primary caregiver or if the cat was yours before you were married. Read More 

Child Support Modification: The Basics

Child support is a necessary responsibility for non-custodial parents, but sometimes life circumstances can make continued payments difficult. If you're facing such a situation, then the answers to the three questions below will prove to be invaluable. What Is Child Support Modification? Child support is a court-ordered payment that is usually paid on a monthly basis. The initial support amount is determined by a number of factors, including income of the non-custodial parent, how much time the non-custodial parent spends with the child, and other such circumstances. Read More 

Three Things That Can Help Kids Get Through An Unexpected Divorce

If you have found yourself in the middle of an unexpected divorce, this can be tough on everyone in your family. Quick changes and disruptions in your child's life can be upsetting if this isn't handled well. Here are three things that can help get yourself and your children through an unexpected divorce.   1. Keep Calm for Your Kids If you have been blindsided by a divorce, this can be both an upsetting and emotionally jarring experience. Read More 

3 Tips For Maintaining Your Visitation Rights If You Have A Substance Abuse Problem

There are several factors that may reduce or eliminate your visitation rights if you are a noncustodial parent. These can include a history of domestic violence, a lack of contact with the child despite previously having rights to see them, or a history of substance abuse. However, if you have a history of substance abuse or a current substance abuse problem, you may still be able to have regular visitations with your children. Read More 

5 Ways Mediation Takes the Sting out of Divorce

For many couples, mediation is a beneficial thing because it allows a happy couple to find a way to work through a divorce without things getting nasty. It is possible to avoid a long divorce proceeding if both parties can resolve contested problems and avoid court proceedings.  1. Confidential and Private Mediation sessions don't have a public record. The only people included in the proceedings are the mediator, you, and any other individuals involved with the situation. Read More