What Divorcing Couples Should Know About Martial Property And Debts

It's time to begin looking at your belongings differently now that you are divorcing. Your marital property and debts are about to be divided up. How they will be divided depends on your state of residence, however. Read on to learn more. What is Marital Property?  Marital property is defined as things you acquire or purchase after getting married. Anything you owned prior to your marriage still belongs to you alone. Read More 

Family Law: 3 Critical Things To Know About Spousal Support When Divorcing

The separation or divorce process is usually emotionally challenging. But did you know that it's also financially draining? Most spouses assume this only happens due to child support expenses, but the process could also pose financial problems even when children aren't involved. Even if you don't have children yet and have decided to divorce, you are expected to offer spousal support, also known as alimony. Unfortunately, most spouses don't give this aspect the seriousness it deserves when divorcing. Read More 

How To Avoid Accidentally Admitting Fault After A Car Accident

During a car accident, it's well known that you shouldn't admit fault. The moment you admit fault, it can be more difficult to later claim that you were not actually at fault for the accident. However, you might wonder what constitutes admitting fault after a car accident. Don't Be Too Polite The most common reason why an individual might admit fault for a car accident is that they apologize to be polite. Read More 

Slip And Fall Claims Can Be Denied

A slip and fall injury can result in a long list of expenses, including medical expenses and missed time from work. So, when an injury victim files a claim for compensation and it is not denied, the decision can feel earth-shattering. The best thing for any person to do is to avoid this type of outcome. Learn more about common denial reasons so that you can improve your chances of a successful claim. Read More