Full Financial Disclosure Benefits Divorcing Parties

Divorce may seem to be about a relationship ending. However, divorce is primarily a financial parting of ways. Child and spousal support, debts, and marital property are all financial issues that must be resolved. Parties that neglect to protect their financial interests could be negatively affected for a very long time. Divorce and the financial decisions that occur alongside it influence both parties and their children.  What is Full Financial Disclosure? Read More 

Handling Investments During Divorce

For most couples, marriage is intended to be forever. As such, couples work together in almost every area of their life to create a brighter future, including their finances. Unfortunately, when the marriage ends and they go their separate ways, it can be a complex process to untangle these arrangements, especially regarding investments. Asset Distinction One of the first measures the court will apply to determine how an investment is handled during the divorce settlement is the ownership distinction. Read More