What If You Can’t Afford Bankruptcy? Options To Help You File

Bankruptcy filing may be essential if you are struggling to make ends meet and don't see any way to get out of debt anytime soon. There are things you can try before filing for bankruptcy, such as borrowing money until you can get back on your feet or trying to get in touch with your creditors for some leniency, but if these are not an option or aren't going to help you, bankruptcy may be the best option. What do you do if you can't even afford to file for bankruptcy? Read on for tips to help you get your bankruptcy filed.

Stop Paying Your Debts

If you've been trying to pay your debts but aren't able to keep up and you know you want to file for bankruptcy, stop paying them. Cease paying all of your debts so you can afford to pay for an attorney to file your bankruptcy for you. Try your best to keep up with things like utilities, and cancel any utilities that aren't necessary for you right now, such as cable, monthly subscriptions, internet, or phone service ā€” at least until you can get back on your feet. Stop paying credit card bills or outstanding loans.

Borrow Money To Pay For The Bankruptcy

If borrowing money for your bills wasn't an option, see if you can borrow money for a bankruptcy attorney instead. Borrow from a family member or a close friend, then pay them back after your bankruptcy has settled.

Make Payments On Your Bankruptcy

Some attorneys will allow you to make payments to them before filing for the bankruptcy and until it is settled. Find out what type of payment plans are offered and if it is something you can handle in your budget.

Increase Your Income

If your income is just not enough to pay your bills and isn't even enough to get you to file your bankruptcy, you need to find a way to increase your income. Try to find odd jobs that you may be able to do on the side, such as being a delivery driver or other type of driver, mowing lawns or some other type of yard work, or babysitting, dog sitting or cleaning houses for some extra cash. These don't have to be permanent jobs for you, just something to give you a little extra money to get your bankruptcy filed.

If you are struggling financially and don't see an end in sight, look into bankruptcy attorney services to find out what options you have.