Negotiating Alimony? Some Tips To Consider

Not only is divorce emotionally taxing, but it can also be financially taxing. When you go through a divorce, you never know what is going to happen in the outcome. You may be owed alimony, or you may find yourself paying alimony. Regardless of where you stand on the financial spectrum, you need to have a solid approach for negotiating. These tips will help you establish yourself after your divorce.

Consider the Length and Weight of Payments

Many people get caught up in wanting to pay alimony for the shortest amount of time, but the truth is that you might be able to make lower payments over a longer period of time, ultimately saving yourself some money.

Know Your Financial Situation

You need to have a solid understanding of your financial situation before you divorce. Visiting with an accountant can help you gain a better idea of your needs and what you can afford to pay in the divorce.

Never Hide Money

Hiding money from the court or your spouse is not a good look. When you hide money, you could be considered not to be a credible figure in the courtroom. The judge may decide that everything you say in court is potentially untrue.

Continue Working

It is a good idea, financially and emotionally, to maintain a schedule as you go through a divorce. Many people feel that they experience intense emotions during and after divorce, but you can feel much better about the situation when you take care of yourself. Plus, you can't get out of paying alimony by refusing to work. The judge will take into account your previous income.

Be Patient

Alimony is often one of the last things to be settled in a divorce. The issue can be especially contentious, so it pays to be patient and wait for things to settle. In the meantime, you might consider therapy.

Additionally, it is important that you manage your expectations in regards to alimony. If you expect to receive alimony, understand that you are not going to become rich. Alimony is meant to help you make ends meet and maintain an amount of support similar to the support you received while married.

Hire an Attorney

You should always hire an attorney to handle your divorce case, especially when alimony is concerned. No matter which side you are on, you need to understand how to best represent and protect yourself in the midst of a grueling divorce. Don't make the mistake of under-representing yourself in your divorce.

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