Topics to Discuss With a Divorce Lawyer

When talking with a divorce lawyer, it's easy to assume that it's their job to bring up the subjects that need to be broached. The challenge for an attorney, though, is that the divorce process encompasses a lot of different issues. In order to have a more rewarding conversation about your situation, it's wise to make a list of concerns you need to consider before you sit down with local divorce attorneys for consultations.

Child Custody

Having a child in a marriage makes the divorce process significantly more complex. The court places a premium on the well-being of your child, and both you and your former partner should do so, too. If there are serious concerns, such as worries about abusive behavior, those need to be introduced into the legal record as early in the process as possible. Otherwise, stay focused on the top-level problems, such as joint custody, where the child will live, and how their education will be paid for.

Property, Assets and Liabilities

Going into a divorce, the question of who winds up with what property ends up being a sticking point for a lot of folks. It's wise to approach the problem with a view to what the absolute necessities are. For example, do you need the house that you both have cohabitated in, or can you take proceeds from the divorce to get a new place? Generally, clients who can let go of certain items often have an easier time getting through their divorces.

Many people also forget that the end of a marriage is the termination of a contract. That means assets, such as bank accounts and investments, need to be divided up. More painful, though, is that liabilities will also need to be divided up. The end of a marriage means retiring joint debts or at least setting up a structure for them to be paid down.

Contesting a Divorce

Unless there's a specific source of fault that has led to the breakup of a marriage, a divorce lawyer is going to tell you to avoid seeking an at-fault divorce. In extreme cases, it may be worthwhile, especially if there's a lot of money at stake.

If there are other problems going on, such as harassment, those need to be brought to a judge's attention. However, it doesn't make a compelling argument for getting into an at-fault proceeding. Stay focused on exiting the marriage as painlessly as possible.

Speak with local divorce attorneys near you to help you through the process of your divorce.