Hiring One Of The Knowledgeable Felony Lawyers For Your Family Case

Legal matters involving family issues can be contentious enough without adding criminal concerns to them. However, sometimes the lines between family and criminal cases cross when people file for divorce, child custody, or child support.

When you find yourself dealing with criminal matters along with family legal challenges, you need to hire an attorney with experience in this area of law to represent you. You can advocate for yourself by retaining one of the experienced felony lawyers to take your case.

Retaining Parental Rights

When you have one of the available felony lawyers on retainer, you can take proactive measures to protect your family. If you are the one who has been charged with a felony, you may worry about losing your custody or visitation rights to your children. You fear that the judge may strip you of your parental rights because of the charge on your record.

Your attorney can argue for you in court to help you overcome this possibility. He or she can first try to get the felony charge against you dismissed or reduced to a misdemeanor. Having the charge reduced or dropped can strengthen your claim in family court.

Likewise, your attorney can prove to the court that you pose no risk to your children and therefore should be allowed access to them. He or she may even be able to arrange for visitation in jail if you are sentenced to jail or prison time. You can retain much of your parental rights even if you are found guilty of a felony.

Paying Child Support

With a felony charge against you, it can be challenging to pay child support. You may have lost your job. You also may not have a way to get a new one until your charge is dropped or your conviction is expunged.

Your felony attorney can assist you in avoiding additional charges for not paying child support. He or she may argue that you need a temporary reprieve until you finish your jail term. He or she can also have any child support that you owe taken out of your prison cash account to which family and friends contribute.

Felony lawyers can provide vital services to parents who find themselves dealing with both criminal and family legal matters. You may retain much or all of your parental rights. You also can figure out how to resolve child support concerns.

If you have further questions about felony lawyers, contact a local company.