Exploring The Ins and Outs of Divorce

A Few Questions Concerning Probate Court Answered

Overseeing the final affairs of a loved one can be an unpleasant experience for anyone to go through. For those that have limited experience with this task, it is important to note that it will likely be necessary for the will to be processed by the probate court. For those that have never been through this process, it can be easy to be intimidated, but learning the answers to a couple of fairly common questions may help to provide you with a more thorough understanding about this part of the process. Read More 

Three Practical Steps To Make Your Trial Separation Less Of A Mess

If you and your spouse have agreed to a trial separation, you're likely preoccupied with deciding just how you want the separation to turn out. That's understandable, but don't let the emotional and philosophical considerations get in the way of the practical issues that go along with a trial separation. If you ignore the practical side, your separation could end up being messy and distressing, rather than the actual break you two need to decide if you want to stay together. Read More 

3 Benefits Provided By Divorce Mediation

One of the most useful services provided by a divorce attorney is mediation, mostly because mediation can provide a wide range of advantages and benefits over a normal divorce proceeding. Mediation is the process of having you and your ex-spouse negotiate the terms of the divorce in the presence of the attorneys for both sides. The mediation process is quite thorough and will ensure that every aspect of the divorce is discussed, such as how every piece of property is split, who pays child or spousal support, how much money will be paid for support, and custody arrangements if there are children involved. Read More 

Why You Will Want A Family Lawyer For Your Custody Battle

If you suspect that you and the other parent of your children are about to go through a custody battle, you might want to think about hiring a professional lawyer. To understand why this is so important, you will want to check out the following points about what a lawyer will do for you.  Tries To Negotiate An Agreement There are many times when a custody situation can be put to rest before it becomes a full blown battle in a court room. Read More 

Is Your Spouse Entitled To Half Of Your Business If You Get Divorced?

If you own a business and it looks like you and your spouse will be divorcing, you may be worried about the ownership of the business. After all, this is something that you have built up, and it is both financially important and emotionally important to you. Will your spouse be entitled to half of it if you divorce, or is it protected? There are various factors to consider to determine whether a business will be included as an asset. Read More